Saturday, August 25, 2012

a productive sewing day

I recently heard about this musician, Eric Royer. Also, check out his amazing guitar machine that he built! Amazing. and coordinated. 

Pretty sweet, huh? 

A question... Do you ever stop short of finishing a project that is 99 percent done because you are (temporarily) sick of the thing? Or are you the type to plow through till the very end?

I have always been the latter type, until I realized that plowing through to the very end often resulted in a lot of shoddy sewing: mostly crooked, lumpy hems and wonky armholes and necklines. So I am trying to be better about this. Good night to you, dog blouse!

Earlier today, I finished up some ufos; Shirts 1 & 2 for my nephew, Franklin. DONE! I love this child to bits.

All that needed to be done were the snaps. But I do the snap applying outside, and it was so hot for the past few weeks, and... and... anyway, they are done.


Hand embroidered name/labels

I love adding details, like the red button, and embroidery and the seersucker accent fabric. I also used the seersucker for the undercollar (I am going to call it that, because that's what it is).

Pattern: McCall's M6016
Fabric: 0.5 yard gray linen (Jo-ann); 0.5 yard gingham shirting from the Michael Levine Loft
Time: about three months... but honestly, it should take a few hours

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  1. adorable! i should start sewing one for my little man immediately :P