Saturday, August 11, 2012

Olympics and hoarding

Platform diving is crazy. Especially when the divers do handstands at the edge of the platform... my stomach jumps into my throat every time they do that.  Also. Mo Farah and his friends running sprinting at a sub-4 min mile pace.  I have no words for that kind of awesome.

I also do not have words for the extent of my UFO hoarding. All I can say is 1) At least it's not animals... that would be problematic 2) It is a light hoarding. Does that make it any better? I think so.

130 cats in a Moscow Flat.

Anyway, I'm going post the before shots here, so that in the event I am flattened by a falling bag of unfinished objects, people know where to look.

shirt #1 for nephew
(started in May or June)

shirt #2 for nephew (started in July)

blouse for me (started in February)

shorts for me (started in July)

PURPLE WAD- the (un)wearable muslin
for a dress that I will post about soon (started in June)

There are a couple other projects that are lurking around here somewhere:

  • a green double knit boxy sweatshirt that looks like a green bag (started in April)
  • a silk blazer (started in May)- i've cut the cloth and started assembling some of the pieces, but it is not far enough along to be considered a UFO. Hah! 

As for future objects-- I just got this red dog print from Joann the other day. What to do with it?

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