Friday, August 10, 2012


Original Post written on 7/1/12 

I have a problem, as evidenced by this blog, which i created a year ago and only today write the first post.

My greatest personal challenge is following through with a project until the very end, and doing so with the same level of attention and care that I began with.  There are a number of projects that have been sitting in the closet, patiently waiting for their necklines, armholes and final hems. It's my mini goal over the next couple of weeks to finish these unfinished objects (UFOs). Then there's no need to reason with myself-- "well, if I keep my jacket on, no one will see that the armholes have raw edges..."

I hope that by documenting my sewing process, I become a better seamstress. A more careful and thoughtful sewer, which might mean spending less time with my frenemy--the seam ripper--hurrah!

I finished this shirt yesterday while watching the Olympic swimming trials.

The main issue was the sleeves. I had only bought one yard (which happens frequently) and therefore had to cut the sleeves a bit shorter. Originally I thought a simple hem would work.  The linen was too thick for that and the sleeves stuck straight out, and when put on, it looked like a paper bag.  I decided a fake cuff would do the trick. I would have liked to continue the chevron pattern on the cuffs as well, but didn't have enough material. 

Anyhow, it turned out as well as it could have. I've already worn it several times. AND next time, I'll iron the shirt before taking pictures. But honestly, it's like 110 degrees in the garage (where the iron is), and I cannot bring myself to go out there. 

sleeve detail

Pattern: modified from D3 (one piece) from the Japanese pattern book フェミニンワードローブ ("Feminine Wardrobe").
Fabric: 1 yard, Metallic stripe linen from Michael Levine
Time: About a year. Hah!

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